Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Thus Far

L.O.V.E by Rebecca Bessette

It seems I start most of my blog posts lately with the same line. I've been absent for awhile. Too long, I suppose, to properly maintain a blog.  I notice I haven't posted a dang thing since September. It's now November.

Way too long.

On the bright side, it's nice to see so many people have still been visiting. Sorry I have no new material, but thanks for checking in anyway.

So much has happened.

On the writing front, I'm teaching another fabulous class with some very inspiring students. The last class is this Thursday.

I'm taking another class. The year-long novel class that I took years ago but decided to try and muster through another novel. Self-defeating probably, as I have done little writing in the last couple of months.

I did have a couple of stories reviewed by Writers in Residence around the city. All provided great feedback and made me refocus a little bit. Maybe I'm more inclined to write short stories. Maybe a novel is too much for me. I doubt it, but it's my excuse today.

A couple of stories have been accepted. I have one being published early next year, and one just published online at Prairie Journal. You can read it if you like. It's one of those stories I wrote several years ago but it had yet to find a home. Thankfully, it finally did. Also had a book review published in Alberta Views.

And a mess of rejections, as is the norm.

In job development news, I began an Arts Management program, sponsored by the Rozsa Foundation and the Haskayne School of Business. Really happy with it so far.

So that is basically what I've been doing. There is more but I'm not ready to share it with the world yet.

Maybe in the New Year.

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