Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Change is Good

Working on the fresh new look of my blog. Have to say I am pretty pleased with some of the new offerings with Blogger. More templates to choose from, special pages to be added. Makes it look a little more up to date.

In other news, I am happy to announce...that I wrote nearly 3000 words today. I am so behind on my novel that I figured it was time to finally put the pedal to the metal (so to speak) and get myself caught up. Plus there are some upcoming writing projects that demand my attention. So I am working on a schedule that allows me to get some writing in everyday and keep the house clean and supper cooked and still time to go to work. Ha. Never thought I would see the day that I would say I have to make time for work.

Life really is good. I have a slightly new outlook since my holidays. I have come back much more relaxed and I have been sleeping. Ok, that could be somewhat jetlag related but I don't feel jetlagged. Well, jetlag or not, I really need to get rid of these dark circles under my eyes that have been growing for the last couple of years.

Now I must go start working on dinner so that the hubby and daughter have something to eat tonight while I am at work. This is technically the first day back. Should be interesting to see what's waiting for me. I'm thinking it might be a busy night.


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  1. Congrats. That's my word count goal today too. I just need to get to work now.



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