Friday, June 11, 2010

On the Last Day

We rested. Or semi-rested. The last full day of holidays has arrived and I am sitting here listening to the wind swoosh through the trees and the clouds are covering the blue in a thick film of grey. But there is no rain. 

A constant chatter around the table is mostly a garbled jumble of Dutch words that I don’t understand. Save for the occasional word that I have become accustomed to and the occasional English when my husband talks to me. While the conversations go on, I sit at the table amid all the people and type away. No one really notices, I don’t think, since I can’t converse all that well with them anyway. It’s these times that I think I should really take Dutch lessons soon. Not that I would become fluent in the language but at least I would understand a little more of it and be able to communicate a little better. But I don’t have that advantage right now, so instead, I drink wine and eat cheese. Can’t go wrong there.

It’s a 9 hour flight home tomorrow that I have mixed emotions about. I really want to get home and get back to my routine that I don’t think I ever fully appreciated before. But there is comfort in the familiar. I am anxious to get home but I am not looking forward to the flight. After the semi-meltdown of my daughter on the trip over, I have a fear that it will be the same or worse on the way home. And there are the goodbyes at the airport tomorrow. Tears will be shed, kisses will be given and then we will say good bye with no idea when we will be back. My husband seems to have no intentions of coming back anytime soon but the people here are hoping for more. Maybe next year or the year after. I think I have my work cut out for me to convince him that we need to come back. It’s the right thing to do. But hubby can be stubborn.

Regardless, I know there is no avoiding the inevitable. What will be will be. My poor cat is probably at home, hiding under the bed, wondering where everyone is. No human contact for the last couple of weeks except for my bros occasional visit to refill the food and water bowls. And hopefully clean the litter box.

Well, the next post will more than likely be from the comfort of home, when the jetlag has me awake way too early but with nothing else to do at that time of the morning.

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  1. I would love to visit Holland someday. From pictures I've seen it looks beautiful. I hear it's been raining lots in Calgary. My husband just flew there and my mother's been there for a week visiting my sister.

    Post soon. And I love that you put my button on your side bar. Thanks.



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