Monday, July 11, 2011

First Came Zinc...

And this evening came the Vaseline.

What is wrong with children? Why are they so obsessed with slimy, goopy gunk that makes such a damned mess and gets into the hair and clothes without much of a chance of it coming out? Not to mention they both are to protect from do you think it's easy to just wash away? No...water
and Vaseline try and join and manage only to create a bigger mess.

So now, the cupboards aren't bad, but the kitchen floor has this greasy, glossy sheen to it and you have to step lightly to prevent yourself from slipping and cracking your head on the wall.

And did I mention it's also in her hair? Again! I thought the zinc was bad...leaving nice white clumps, the hair clinging together in dread lock type strands. But this just looks like she overdid it on the gel. Like the Fonz and his slicked back grease do, minus the leather jacket and tight short sleeved shirt. And no motorcycle.

What's next? I honestly don't know how much more of this I can handle. And she isn't wanting to's a fight every damned night to go to sleep. Tonight isn't hot so we can't blame the heat. She's just ornery and impossible.

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