Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Down By the Bay

Our minds work in weird ways sometimes. You remember the song "Down By the Bay" by Raffi. It was a regular kids tune back in the 70's and 80's. I vaguely remember the song from kindergarten and maybe grade 1. That was over 30 years ago.

"Down by the bay/Where the watermelons grow/ Back to my home/ I dare not go/ For if I do/ My mama will say/ Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose/ Down by the bay..." And so on...

Well, like I said, I have not heard that song in over 30 years. Or, if I have, I certainly don't remember it. But for some reason, beyond my furthest imagination, as I woke this morning, the song was running through my head. There was no television on to send me subliminal messages, just my daughter, staring at me and there I am remembering the song.

It didn't come all at once. It was the tune, just beyond my memory...and then it snuck in and I tried to remember the words. Most of the day I actually thought it started "Down by the sea..." and sung it that way. I also couldn't remember the actual animals involved in each verse so made up my own silly rhymes to entertain the little one.

As late evening approached and I still couldn't shake the song, I looked it up on You Tube and discovered my error. Anyway, I can't shake the feeling that I suddenly remembered this song for a reason. But I can't figure out why.

It's a song from my childhood. One I can't find any significant connection to. But it's there, in my head, and I can't shake it.

And then of course when I looked it up online, I rediscovered another old favourite.

So now, I will investigate why I suddenly remembered these songs. There's a reason, I can feel it. I have to make it count.

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