Monday, August 22, 2011

A Great Piece of Information

I was reading something today, advice for writers on getting published and as a fiction writer how best to use a blog to my advantage. This guide suggested things like writing blog posts from the point of view of a main or secondary character in a novel or short story to garner interest in the writer. Another section suggested using a blog as a means of sharing the writer's journey: from story ideas to writing routines, because there are a huge number of people out there who will never write a book but are interested in the process.

All good suggestions. And there are a multitude of blogs out there offering writing advice to new writers. Some good advice, some not so good. Or maybe it's not that the advice is not so good, but maybe it's that I don't agree and that's all fine and dandy. Write about what works for me. My process, because no two processes are the same. For example, I tend to write at night when the house is quiet. I don't have a specific place to write because I don't have the room in my small apartment for special space. But other writers find it better to write first thing in the morning, which I rarely can do. Because of who I am and because I have a toddler who is very demanding first thing in the morning. Besides I don't think clearly at that time of the day. I used to. And sometimes it does work, but most of the time not. And there are other writers who have a special place to write. I wish I could be so lucky. Maybe one day. But for now I write where I can, when I can.

I mostly write at the computer, but there are days when I am stuck on a particular scene that I have to free fall write it out on paper to figure out where the scene is going. And there are writers out there who only write on paper and don't make it electronic until a first draft is figured out. I sometimes start my stories that way. When it's just a tiny idea that needs to be expanded, but about half way through I say to myself, I better get this on the computer and I do. Once that happens there is little going back to the paper version.

But that's just me. Everyone is different. Everyone has a way that works for them. And so be it.

More later...maybe a letter from a dead guy is in the works.

And I don't mean Jack Layton, though, may he rest in peace. It's a sad day in Canada, but one still full of optimism.

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