Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Poet Within

Is it possible that everyone has a poet inside them?  I tiny little monster of a million different colours that sits idly on your shoulder just waiting for the right moment to interject a little colour and life into your writing?  To help release that right brain thinking? 

I suppose anything is possible.  One class down, only seven more to go.  It seems like such a long time but I am sure the time will fly by.

I actually did my homework already too.  Well at least a first, second and third draft.  Will probably go over it again several times before I share it with anyone.  More interesting is that just focusing on a different, more colourful project for awhile, actually got me in the right frame of mind to add more pages to my novel. 

Even though I have not discovered my setting, but it is leaning more and more toward Calgary, I was inspired.  I am now over 10,000 words.  Pretty good for me I would say.  The only discouraging part is that there are some sections that I already know I want to cut and other areas that I want to change.  So if I do it now, I will be back under 10,000 words.  I suppose I could just wait until I have 20,000 words then cut some then.  Or just do it now and make some of the other changes I wanted to and hopefully still stay over where I'm at now and add more at the same time. 

Now for another part of my homework.  Must go find a poem a day to read.  I hope my head doesn't explode.


  1. Remember that word count is an inaccurate measure of progress especially in the thinking-it-through stages. Losing words can also be progress.

  2. I've lost. I've cut. Will probably cut a little more before the day is through. :)


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