Monday, April 5, 2010

We spent a couple of days with my Grandma in Invermere this past weekend.  Every time I go back there I have this weird nostalgia.  I grew up in this little BC mountain town and there are so many memories there but at the same time, some good, some not so good.  But each and every time there is this little bit of longing to return there and stay.  I do miss the small town living from time to time.  I remember how simple life seemed back then.  But I must not forget that I was also very young.  I didn't have to make decisions for myself.  I biggest concern was whether or not I was going to get to play with one of my friends on the weekend.  Or what to take to a sleep over. 
Not much family is there anymore.  A few of my old friends are still there.  In some ways the thought of going back and raising my little girl in a small town is appealing.  But small towns have their own problems.  Not the same as the big city that I currently live in but still problems. 
Arie likes the small town mentality as well.  But there is no work in this particular town that relies solely on tourism.  No big business to keep it thriving.  This is the same for most small towns, especially in BC, whose main source of income has been lumber for years but slowly every sawmill across the province is shutting down.  And so nothing is left. 
Then there is the problem of the taxes in that province.  There are currently two taxes on everything you purchase.  In Alberta there is only one.  And now BC is trying to bring in a third tax.  Ridiculous if you want to encourage people to come there, either to live or just to visit.   Food is already incredibly expensive compared to Calgary.  Or maybe it was just the fact that this is a small town and they can charge more cause there is no place else that close by to go.
Who knows?  I think that province is digging itself into a hole that they are not going to be able to climb out of.
So for now, I guess we will stay right where we are.  Our small corner of a big city, which is really not much different than living in a small town until you have to travel outside of it.

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