Friday, February 4, 2011

Why I Have the Best Child in the World!

Here we go…Just moments ago…Please don’t judge me…I know it’s late and my child is still awake. Try to tell her that.

Little Person: (standing in front of her Daddy). Bah. Bah. (waves hand vigorously back and forth in front of her face)

Me: What’s the matter. Does Daddy stink?

Little Person: (turns her back to her Daddy and points at her bum.)

Me: Or do you stink?

Little Person: (nods head excitedly) ya ya ya.

Daddy checks her diaper.

Daddy: Go to mommy.

Little Person dances around the room.

Me: Who do you want to change your diaper?”

Little Person: Mmmmmm. (tilts head and puts hand to her lip like she’s really thinking about this) DADDY!

Me: (laughs hysterically)

I love my daughter.

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