Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Review: Wild & Wicked by Jenn Nixon

A pinch of romance.

A dash of suspense.

A spoonful of mystery.

A heap of erotica.

Mix together and what do you have? The novella, Wild & Wicked by New Jersey writer, Jenn Nixon.

Veronica Chance’s sister is missing. Her high profile family doesn’t give a damn so she has taken it upon herself to find the missing sibling.

 Veronica infiltrates the strip club, Foxxes, where she knows her sister was last working. Under a false name she becomes a waitress at the club and quickly meets Mason Storm, a retired cop, who has an affinity for the girls, but does little more than flirt.

 Mason quickly learns the truth about why Veronica is there and offers to help. From there we are led on a thrill ride of mystery, into an afterhours sex club at Foxxes, as they search together to find the missing sister. In the middle of it, a romance buds between the pair. Or rather a lustful need to satisfy the sexual tension between them.

 The focus of the story is to uncover what happened to the sister. And this story line is done very well. The tension of the blooming relationship between the pair is also well done. But the actual physical interactions between the pair? Not that I would say they were gratuitous because they seemed to be in all the right places and necessary, but…but…they were overdone.

 Please find me a real woman who can have multiple orgasms or a man who can last long enough to give a woman multiple orgasms, because I would love to meet them. And when I say multiple, I don’t mean a couple, I mean like FIVE. Five or more orgasms. IN A ROW!

Can this happen? Between a girl in her early 30’s and a man pushing 40? I think this falls somewhere into the land of the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy…and Santa Claus.

Wild & Wicked is a really well written story with all the right ingredients. Great plot. Interesting characters. Lots of action. Lots of well written, arousing sex – even if bordering on the edge of fantastical.

If this is your kind of story, I think it’s worth the read. And it’s a novella, so you can almost read it in one sitting.

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