Sunday, January 22, 2012

Now on Sunday, Novel Progress: Pushy Characters

I can sum up my novel progress the past couple of weeks in one word: NONEXISTENT.

Many will tell you, if you're not writing that's not progress and for the most part, they are right. But at the same time, when you are wrapped up heavily in the world of your characters, constantly visualizing what they will do next, or how this scene should go here, or there, or wherever, is that progress?

Probably not.

But I think it is.

Here's the problem:

My characters want to overrule one another. They are pushy and aggressive, want to steal the scenes they are in. Which brings me to the question, whose story is it? In my case, there is one protagonist, but a couple of antagonists. (it could be argued I have two protagonists and one major antagonist) but whatever.

The antagonist is trying to take over the story. This happened when I first started to write the story too. The initial protagonist was pushed out by an overbearing antagonist and now the protag has changed because of it. But now I feel my antagonist has a far better story to tell. Maybe I've had it all wrong from the beginning. Maybe I am just letting this antagonist work her grisly fingers into the story and strangle the life out of the other characters.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I don't want to rewrite again. I am determined to get through this draft and then look at the bigger picture.


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