Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to Basics

I really have no idea what to say today. All I know is I haven't posted in a really long time and I think it's about time I did something. Said something.

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "Going Back to Basics". Summer is pretty much over, though the weather might say otherwise, and it's been hard getting back into the swing of things. Work, numerous events, taking a class, teaching, among other things.

This is the third time I've taught an Introductory Creative Writing class. The students are fabulous, as usual. But what I noticed this time, as opposed to other times, is they are mostly all there to learn how to get out of their head and get their words on paper. Some have tons of ideas but to actually get those ideas started into story, is the challenge. We do lots of free fall writing exercises to get us going. To get the creativity flowing and activate the right brain.

That's the stuff I miss. The basics. After you've been writing for so long, it becomes more challenging, more daunting even. We forget why we loved to write in the first place and focus so much on just getting it right. Getting the words right. Getting the description right. Getting the characters right. And, at least for me, as fun as it can be, it starts to feel like work.

So, I'm making a commitment to get back to basics. To remember why I started doing this all in the first place. To remember and revel and in the little things. The new character flaws, that amazing imagery, the setting, to embrace the dialogue and the people.

I haven't written a lick since sometime in the summer. At least a month. It's time to stop procrastinating and do something that makes me feel good. As crappy as it may be.

I woke from a dream last night, a dream that actually scared the bejeepers out of me, and thought, as scary as that just was, that would make an amazing story. I would be stepping out of my comfort zone, writing outside my usual genre. But, writing is writing. And it's about the story.

And now, instead of blogging about it and making you all so curious as to what the heck is going on my head, I might as well just get writing.

Until later....