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Book Review Requests

If you would like your book reviewed, please read the following guidelines before submitting, then email your requests to rzvaneck at gmail dot com

General Guidelines

  • Accepting all books, print or digital.
  • Any genre (sorry, no poetry)
  • Any length
  • Trade published or self-published.
  • E-Books must be in EPUB format. No exceptions.
  • If sending a hard copy, please contact for mailing address.
  • A .jpg image of your book is required at time of submission plus all publishing information, including price, you want included.

Review Policy

While I will make every effort to review a book in a timely fashion it may not always be possible. This could occur for any number of reasons from a huge back log of review requests to life in general. Or simply, I may not feel like reading. But know, once you have submitted a book, it will get reviewed, with some exceptions.

If for instance, you are an independantly published writer and your book is poorly edited and difficult to read, it will not get finished. If it's obvious that you have not put the effort in to ensure you are sending out your best work, it will not get completed.

I will always publish fair and balanced reviews. I am not here to stroke a writer's ego. I look at the book: the story, the writing. If I really enjoy your book, I will say so. If not, I will say so. If nothing else, you can expect honesty.

Completed reviews will be posted on my blog and shared over social media. (Twitter, Facebook)

I will not tolerate harrassing emails of any sort for any reason. If I have not reviewed your book yet, there is a reason. However, if I choose not to review it I will let you know. 

Please remember, a blog reviewer does not get paid for doing reviews. They are doing you a favour and it costs you essentially nothing but a copy of your book. And it takes time to read a book and provide a thorough review.

For a sample of published reviews, please visit my website,

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