Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Writing Challenge

I am embarking on my own writing challenge for the month of April and am inviting anyone else who would like to enlist to do so.

It's simple. Commit to writing everyday. Keep track of your progress. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals.

There is no prize except for seeing what you have accomplished by the end of the month. The more people the better. Forces you to be accountable for your progress.

If you would like to be a part of the challenge, comment below. Leave an email address if you wish to be prodded or want someone to check in. Post periodically and share your progress.

Most importantly, write!

Ready, set, GO!

Sunday Morning Rambles

It's Sunday again. It's April 1, too. As in April Fools Day! I couldn't help but wonder, where did this all begin? And yet, even that is too complicated to think about this early in the morning, before my coffee has warmed my insides.

All Fool's Day, as many refer to it, is the one day of the year people can play dirty pranks on others and get away with it by simply crying, "April Fools Day".

Bah! I say. If we want to be childish and play silly jokes on others, man up and do it all year round. Why a day devoted to it?

But as I think about it, I have to remember some of the pranks, as a child, I played on friends or family. There's the old, switch the sugar with the salt trick. It was a great day to pretend to be sick and get out of school. But that was really only for my benefit.

I was not clever to say the least. Usually, I would forget that April 1 was coming and as soon as I was reminded of it, the day of, I would feel this need to be part of what everyone else was doing and would spend all day thinking up the most elaborate prank possible and when I was finally ready to spring into action, whoa, wait, April Fools was over, cause apparently you can only do it until noon.

I gave up.

There was this one time though, I was one of a few people at my work who decided to prank a co-worker and wrapped plastic wrap all over his cubicle. Done so strategically that when he walked around the corner, he would walk into the plastic before he would see it. That was probably the funniest thing ever. But I didn't come up with the idea. Only helped in making it happen.

Like I said, not clever!