Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Count Backwards from 10...

Take a deep breath, count backward from 10, or forward if that's easier. 

This is something I was taught when going to anger management counciling.  Thank goodness it paid off.  My parents apparently got their moneys worth.

Nothing annoys me more than people butting in, offering their opinion or complaining when something is not going the way they want it to, even though they do not have ALL the information.  Assumptions are made, and then when you try to explain yourself or the actions of a team, you are interrupted.  Unable to get your thoughts across.  The heat begins to rise into your face and feel that familiar tug, like a sink plug, being held back by suction but if pulled just a tad harder, will completely release. 

Count backward...feel the heat begin to dissipate...the plug settles back in place for the time being.  But thoughts still reel around in your mind, you force the emotions down because it would be unprofessional to explode but then you just begin to feel nauseous.  A whirlpool of anger, churning and twisting in your stomach.

Relax, count backward a little more until you are calm.  Drive home, stew for a bit, go over the incident again and again, figure out if there was anything you could do to quell it before it got too much, or was it just destined to be the way it happened. 

Ultimately there was nothing that could be done, no way to go back and change it.  Just move forward.

Try a different approach, although it's gone ignored recently, try again and hopefully find some way to come to an amicable agreement. 

Ugh...some people are so frickin annoying. 

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  1. Counting never worked for me. I am a seether.

    And I agree. People suck.

    Hope things get better muffin


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