Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After much headache and patience we are FINALLY booked for our trip to the Netherlands in May.  Online errors when trying to book kept coming up, then speaking with a Sales Agent and the credit card didn't work for a real live person so we finally phoned the credit card company only to find that a payment that had been made last week was not showing as posted to the account yet.  Aaargh.  So this morning, tried again, but only talking to a real live person and voila!  We are finally booked.  Confirmation number and all.

There are mixed emotions on my part about this trip.  I totally look forward to the actual vacation but I am totally not looking forward to the 9 hour flight involved.  This will be the first time with Julianne on a plane and it's a long flight to try and keep her calm and in one spot.  She is a very mobile toddler, as are most I am sure...but the prospect of chasing her up and down the narrow aisles of the plane does not appeal to me.  I would never make this flight alone with there is some consolation in the fact that there will be help sitting right along side me.  (Granted we get there in time to select decent seats.)

I am sure I am probably worrying for nothing.  The flight will go fine, she will sleep the whole way, and be none the wiser that we are 20,000 plus km above the ground.  Ugh.

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