Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can You Say ANNOYING!!!!!

Been trying to book our flight all morning...

Online got an error saying that it couldn't be processed.  Phoned credit card company to see what was going on and the fee went through but we got no confirmation.  Phoned airline and at first they couldn't find the flight so transferred me to several different departments.  Finally managed to find someone that knew what they were doing only to find out that the whole transaction had to be reversed before we could do it properly.  So now, we have to wait until the money is put BACK onto the credit card before we can book it again. 

What is with these people?  Apparently some new system that they have doesn't allow them to just put it all through properly without headache.  It has to be undone and then redone.  All I can say is they better not screw me out of the seat sale they currenly have posted. 

Did I mention I hate flying?


  1. Yeah I have to book travel for work, its a pain in the ass.

    And international Visa's I loathe. Every country has different criteria.

    The UN needs to get on the ball and make a universal process.

    Frickin nightmare.

  2. And THIS is why I am driving 1200 miles to New Orleans with two 20 yos, a 14 yo and another adult in March for the boy's speaking competition. I would rather drive 18 hours than fly... So I'm telling everyone air travel is good to go the weekend of March 19th since I will not be using that mode of transportation. There's always a major storm, like a hurricane or freak lightning, when I fly so you can be sure there won't be one now that I am driving. Probably just have to sit in 6 hours of stop-dead traffic from a bridge collapse or something as equally fun on I-95 instead.

  3. I would so totally drive, if it were physically possible.


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