Books of 2014

If there is to be any New Year Resolution it's simply to read more...and to write more. But we'll starting with the reading.

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More in Anger by J. Jill Robinson

Started: January 2

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Started: January 1
Finished: January 2

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I bought this book last year and after several attempts and little focus, put it down each and every  time. Now this year, I have started it and am well over half way already and it's only January 2. If all goes well, and nothing drastically pulls me away, you know how life can get, I should have this finished today, or tomorrow at the very latest.

I haven't seen the movie. Though am intrigued to see how they may pull this uniquely written book off in movie format.

From a writer's perspective, this book is great on so many levels. Impeccable use of language and structurally significant.

From a reader's perspective, fabulous, heart felt story of life during Nazi-occupied Germany years. Told from the point-of-view of "Death" is one of the most interesting aspects of this story. (more for a writer, perhaps) But underneath it all, there is a glimpse of what life was like, not just for the Jews during that time, but for those Germans who did not support Adolph Hitler. And one little orphaned girl sent to live with foster parents during this time.

An enjoyable read thus far!

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