Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Hallowe'en

This used to be one of my favourite times of the year but now it's just another day.  It's more for the kids anyway.  I am not dressing Julianne up this year, mainly because it's not like we can take her out trick or treating.  She won't eat the candy, so hubby and I would end up eating it and lord knows neither of us needs that.  Besides she can't say anything except mama, dada, dis, dat, or hi.  Not enough time to teach her to say trick or treat so we will wait for next year. 
I don't think Arie is much for hallowe'en either.  When I did stop for brief moments to look at potential costumes for her, he would just scrunch up his face.  He didn't have to say anything, it was obvious what he was thinking.  So alas, I will wait until next year to start this annual tradition.  I just hope she never wants me to make her a costume because that is where I am lacking.  Give me something to write about no problem, tell to make a costume or come up with an idea, ha, it will never happen.
Today it's so scary letting your kids out this time of year.  You have to be even more careful than when I was a child as there are that many more pedophiles and just bad people.  Or is it that the media makes you more scared?  That's very likely too.

Well, I think this is my post for the day.  Wait for more tomorrow.

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