Sunday, December 27, 2009

Most Memorable Moments of 2009

I thought I would create my own memorable moments list of things that happened in 2009.  Not that my life is all that exciting but there has to be some things that top the charts.  It's nice to see what you can remember from the last year or what you forget.

  • I think it was pretty cold this month.  Really not remembering anything exciting or interesting that happened to us or anything that we might have done. 
  • Julianne might have rolled over this month.  I can't remember for sure when that happened.
  • Valentine's day happened.  Sheesh this first part of the year is looking pretty pathetic.
  • Julianne combat crawling across the floor.
  • Is St. Patrick's Day exciting?  I know we didn't do anything special yet again.  At least I don't think we did.  Well I did start working very part-time again but having to work is not all that much fun, exciting or memorable.
  • We might have had a family dinner for Easter.  I think we did but I don't really remember it.
  • Either I am getting too old to remember this far back or nothing of any significance happened in the last 4 months...or the first 4 months of 2009, however you want to look at it.
  • I think this is the month that Julianne started crawling.  Rather than dragging her body across the floor in a combat style crawl she was actually up on her hands and knees and then just as quickly learns how to pull her self up to a standing position.
  • Julianne is taking music lessons.  Loves the other kids and is so alert.  Loves the sounds.
  • My 34th birthday, not sure just how much I want to remember of that.  As each year passes unfortunately I get older.  
  • My cousin passes away unexpectedly at 37 years old.
  • Mom comes to visit.
  • Family vacation to BC: Sparwood, Creston, Nelson, Castlegar.  Sparwood was wonderful with great weather, Creston was nice to visit family but it rained almost the whole time we were there.  On the way home we had a stop over in Invermere to visit Grandma
  • Maternity benefits run out so now I have to actually work.
  • Decided to not go back to my old job full time as child care is so darned expensive so chose to work more hours with the non-profit group but still only part-time. 
  • Julianne is taking her first steps but mostly still crawling.
  • Julianne's 1st birthday
  • Fun day at Callaway park
  • Great Aunt passes away.
  • Beginning of month Julianne can stand for longer periods of time and is walking more and more, by end of the month she is pretty much walking all the time.
  • Julianne is weaned off the bottle.  Eating all normal food herself.  Can't wait for her to be potty trained too.
  • Julianne starts swimming lessons.  First lesson, unsuccessful, she wouldn't go near the water.  2nd lesson, much better, almost couldn't get her out of the water.
  • Arie celebrates his 42nd birthday
  • We celebrate our 2nd anniversary
  • Arie's Dad comes to visit from Holland
  • Move to a bottom floor apartment in the same building.  Much easier to cope with the little one not having to climb three flights of stairs.
  • Arie and I talk about having another baby but quickly change our minds for the time being.
  • Thanksgiving dinner with the family.
  • Talk again about having another baby and again change our minds.  Decide to wait until the New Year to revisit the issue.
  • Submitted a short story to a literary magazine and another one to a contest.
  • Calgary weather is remaining nice much longer than expected.  Very little snow and nice and warm.
  • I discover I am getting more gray hair and ultimately decide to stop fighting it.
  • Arie sees and episode of Dr. Phil where there is a newborn baby and he instantly wants to have another one.  I thought it was the woman that is supposed to get all sentimental and nostalgic wanting another baby when they see other babies. 
  • Finished a book review and submitted it to a magazine.
  • Accepted into a year long novel writing class set to begin in January.  Maybe I can actually get something longer than a short story completed.
  • Julianne is running.  Can climb on the couch by herself.
  • Trying to get Julianne off the soother.  It's almost the end of the month and it's still not working yet.  Think we may have to go to option number 2.  Poke holes in the nipples.
  • Julianne's second Christmas
  • Julianne throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the mall.  Fun times.  And he really wants another one?  Oh wait, he has not actually witnessed a tantrum. :(
  • Arie wins Employee of the Year at his annual Christmas party.  Is there a raise in the future?  He is getting more responsibility and is the supervisor in his department so it stands to reason that something good should come out of it.
  • Great Christmas eve party with Arie's family followed by great dinner with my family on Christmas Day
  • Julianne is climbing on everything, getting into everything and is making Mommy and Daddy sweat just trying to keep up with her.  16 months old on Christmas Day.
  • No plans for New Year's Eve as of yet.  Maybe just stay home like last year.  Fun times.
So it seems that the last part of the year was far more exciting than the first part of the year.  Not much happened in those first few months or else I just can't remember.  My vote is for not remembering, it's the age factor.  I have heard that the first thing to go is the mind.  Is this the start? 

Well this little project took me much longer than expected and now I must go and tend to the little one before she completely tears the house apart.  She sure likes all her new toys that she got for Christmas.  Plays with just about every one of them but only for a few minutes at a time.  You think she might have too many things? 

Until later...

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