Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Proud To Be Canadian and other stuff...

Just when we thought we had it all figured out. That Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet to live, that we are one of the more open-minded countries welcoming everyone into the folds. Just when we thought we already knew all the things that make this country so wonderful, something else comes along to remind us just how great it really is and just how lucky we are. May 5, 1945, Canada helped liberate the Netherlands. To free them from German occupation.
Now normally this would have been the kind of celebration that would have made me sit up and go, oh yeah, we did that. But now I have a little more invested considering my husband is from the Netherlands, my in-laws still live there and if it hadn't been for Canadian soldiers 65 years ago, I may never have met him.

Every year on November 11 I take the time to remember those that suffered and fought for us and for others and that pride I already possess grows stronger but now, there is another day I need to be greatful for, another to remember what great people live in this country.

Now time to ruin this post with my selfish thoughts. I'm getting ripped off this year. My birthday falls on Mother's Day. The last time this happened it was no big deal because I wasn't a mother but now...geez! I completely understand how those people that have birthdays on or around Christmas must feel. Both are great reasons to celebrate, but a birthday is supposed to be special for particular reasons and Mother's Day or Christmas is supposed to be special for other reasons, so when you have to fair is that?
Ok, well it's not really that big a deal because I have never made a big deal out of birthdays anyway and I wasn't even going to add this part after reading a beautiful post by a dear friend and colleague about Mother's Day.  Go check out the Accidental Poet. You may never look at Mother's Day the same.


  1. Some Birthday love coming at ya!

    And today is my mother's birthday too. I hate when her birthday and Mother's day are the same because she expects 2 gifts and 2 cards.
    But every year I get 1 Christmas/birthday gift, and my birthday is 2 weeks AFTER christmas!
    And I still have 3 years of IOU's from my mom for christmas/birthday gifts I never got so...
    Yes, I have a gift for mom. And I will be getting mother's day and birthday cards for her.

  2. Thanks Dawn for the birthday wishes. It was a good day.


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