Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fullerton Loop - Kananaskis

Located west of Bragg Creek on Hwy 66, the Fullerton Loop is an approx. 6.5 km moderate hiking trail. Turn into the Allan Bill Pond parking area and walk to the east end of the lot. The trail takes you under the bridge on Hwy 66 and along the river for a few meters before moving into denser tree cover.

The path is well-marked so no worries of getting lost and could be done by the whole family. It's pretty flat as you wander along the river and through the meadows.

Once you approach the actual beginning of the loop (marked by signs) it gets pretty steep for a few km. Recommend only small children with good stamina.

You can head up a set of stairs before this bridge or cross the bridge and follow the loop that way. Taking the stairs, you'll be under tree cover for awhile but eventually it opens up to spectacular views of Allan Bill Pond and the river.

Again you'll wind through the trees for a stretch and more up hill that seems endless, but I assure you, once you reach the summit it's all downhill.

As you start down you're again in dense trees for awhile but eventually it opens up again.

The trail was muddy in a lot of places. We arrived just ahead of a hail storm but as is the norm with Alberta weather, it didn't last long and cleared into a brilliant, warm day. Perfect for a 1-2 hour hike.



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