Friday, March 28, 2014

Is it spring yet?

It feels unimaginable. Impossible that spring could be right around the corner. It's cold. Not sub-arctic cold but still cold. And it's been snowing pretty much since the official first day of spring. 

Oh lovely Calgary. How we love thee and your adolescent mood swings.

People are down. Frustrated that spring can't just hurry up and get here already because quite frankly, we've had enough of winter. It's been long. There's been snow. There's been cold. And we're done.

Yesterday, we wake up to snow, snow and more snow. By mid-afternoon, on a bipolar high, the weather changed. Blue sky tried to squeak through the white above. And holy lordy, snow started to melt. And quickly. 

It dripped off the roof like the rain in a thunderstorm.


The tree branches bend under the weight of the ice now curled around it's fingers. A moment of suspended animation.

The tease of spring was just that. A tease. Within an hour the temperature dropped again and no more snow melt. 

Only icicles remain as a reminder of almost spring.

But when the sun hits those icicles at just the right angle, it's a sparkling reminder of just how beautiful every season can be. The magic of nature, and the things it creates. 

I've taken a lot of winter pictures this year AND I hear spring will be here next week.

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