Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Unknown Illness

Children can be so resilient.  Even when you know they are not quite themselves, they can plod on, oblivious to the fact that they should be curled up in the arms of their parents, resting and just being loved in their time of need.
Sunday morning Julianne woke up with a bit of a fever.  Not really anything to be concerned about.  I gave her a little infant Tylenol and she went on with the day, much the way she normally would.  Jumping, squealing, rearranging the furniture...
Monday much the same.  Although you could tell that now the fever was taking a toll on her.  She took an earlier nap that usual and longer than usual.  Woke up sweating and a little cranky.  She was fed and then on with her normal day.
Today...the fever spiked.  To me, an alarming 101.4.  And she was much more sluggish.  Hardly ate anything all morning, but did drink a lot.  She curled up in my arms for most of the morning.  Gave her more Tylenol and down for a nap.  She slept really well for a couple of hours.  Even though the fever was pretty much non-existant by the time she woke from her nap, she was sluggish and cuddly.  But that finally wore off and she became her usual active self.  A little cranky, but that is not entirely unusual either.  And she ate a pretty good dinner.  But by 6:30 this evening, she was stumbling around, rubbing her eyes.  Evident that she was tired we decided to put her down to sleep although it probably means she will either wake in the middle of the night or she will be awake really early.  Oh the sacrifices we have to make as parents.  Either way, I think the fever has broken.  There was no other evidence of anything wrong with her.  No diarrhea, no vomiting, for the most part still just as energetic as ever.  But something is swimming around in her little body, causing her immune system to fight back.  Some unknown little virus.  But my little fighter won't let it get the better of her.


  1. Oh I do hope she gets over it without getting any worse. I hate when kids are sick and can't tell you what they need... or how they feel!

    Take care of you all!

  2. It's always so nerve-wracking when your child isn't feeling well. I took my 6 year old into our family physician recently, and they were able to identify a virus by using a critical care test. It was quick and painless, as it is completely non-invasive, and they were able to offer great advice and treatment that day because of it.


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