Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Been...

It's been 20 days since my last sounds like I am at a sobriety meeting...BA...Blogaholics Anonymous. I suppose it is possible to become addicted to something like blogging. I think I was like that at first but as with many things, I take on too much and then something that I really like tends to I have been on a hiatus.
No not really.  I've been sick and busy and then busy and sick. Thankfully life is beginning to smooth out a bit and I am no longer feeling completely overwhelmed.

So I am trying to get back to the blogging...sharing my most intimate, or not so intimate, thoughts with the blogger universe.  I just wish I had something interesting to write about. But really it's just the same old stuff every single day with the inclusion of little unexpected surprises from the little one. But that's not everyday.

Like the other day when Julianne fell asleep, face down on the floor, underneath her crib. Or how she has developed this need to be mostly naked. Stripping off her pants and diaper at the first opportunity. Or there was the other day when she started walking across the dining room, stopped part way, turned to me, waving her arms and babbling something completely incoherant and then continues toward the front door, stopping and doing it again and then straight for the door. I had this vision of her at 15 all mad at me about something and storming out the front door but not before getting in the last word  Good grief. I laugh now but later I may not think it's so funny. I just hope that if it does happen I can think back and remember that day.

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