Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Setting, Shmetting...

It's been recommended to me that I need to have an actual setting for my novel.  Personally I never thought it was all that important.  Leave it to the imagination of the reader.  But apparently it's kind of important to at least have some idea as to where all the events are taking place.  I am finding that this is more difficult than I thought. 
So far there are elements from every place I have ever lived but do you think I can actually pinpoint a specific location?  A location to actually name in my novel.  Some have told me that from what they have read so far they felt that it was taking place in Calgary and there are several instances where that is in fact true, but there are elements that I have taken from Kelowna, (where I lived for a long time) and some others that I have taken from Invermere, (another place I lived for a long time).  Some of the events wouldn't make sense or ring true if I made the location Invermere because it's a very small town compared to the other two.  And then there are only tiny elements from Kelowna.  I have to take things like climate into consideration and the differences in those specific places.  But because most of it does seem to take place in Calgary and because that's where I currently live, it seems that would be the natural choice.  But I hesitate about actually naming it Calgary.  Why is that? 
It was also suggested that I could make up a name for a city or town.  I am thinking about this but naming is not my best quality.  I suck at it, in fact.  I even have a hard time naming my characters, how on earth am I going to come up with a fake name for a city?
Ugh...ok well if anyone has any suggestions than please send them my way.  Maybe I will even give you credit for the suggestion.  :)

On another note...one of the things from my list, to do before I turn 40 was to take a poetry class and guess what?  That is coming to fruition.  Starting today and continuing for the next 8 weeks, I am enrolled in my first ever poetry class.  I can't really say how I feel about this.  Excited??  Scared as all hell?  I am totally stepping out of my comfort zone to do this.  Should be interesting. 

Will keep you posted.

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