Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicken and Eggs

Over breakfast this morning I came to a startling realization. Eating chicken and eggs together are inherently wrong. I don't why today of all days this occurred to me. I've eaten the pair together in the past, but suddenly today I realized that one comes from the other, granted it was probably a boy chicken I was eating, but something seemed so bad about it. And it spoiled my appetite.

I felt like the ogre from Jack and the Beanstalk who wants to "grind his bones to make my bread". But instead I was eating parent and child together. What kind of evil monster does something like that?

Okay, I get that eggs are unfertilized chickens, but somehow that seemed even worse. A horrible version of an abortion where the parent and child are destroyed at the same time, and for what? So I could have breakfast? Ack!

In my new found distress I posted this dilemma on Facebook and got the following response from a colleague. Mother and Child Reunion is a song by Paul Simon. He allegedly came up with the title for the song while reading the title of a meal on a Chinese restaurant menu. A chicken and egg dish. Needless to say, this does not make me feel any better.

While I don't think this will prevent me from eating chicken or eggs separately, I find it rather unlikely I will ever eat them together again. In fact, for most of my adult life, there has been this part of me that knows I could fare quite well as a vegetarian. Somewhere along the way, I have developed a problem with eating any meat product that has a bone in it.

Somehow it feels cannibalistic.

I now that I have an upset stomach, I may not be eating much the rest of the day.

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