Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freshwater Pearls Anthology

I have a story coming out in an anthology this fall.
The story, Wednesday, will be my first real fiction publication.
Lots of other great writers inside, too.
Click the link to go to the Freshwater Pearls website to pre-order your copy today or you can pre-order copies through AWCS for only $20. Click on their secure web pages to be taken to the online store.
Wednesday” by Robin van Eck
When I lived at home, Gertrude spent Wednesdays locked in her bedroom. Through the paper thin walls, I heard her moan and cry out as if in pain. Once when I was twelve I unlocked the door with the ink cartridge from a ballpoint pen and barely missed being struck in the head with an empty glass.
Buy the book to read more. Will be available September 2011.

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