Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Traditions

We always decorate our tree on or before the beginning of December. It's an almost family affair. This year, my daughter and I put up the tree. She chose many of the decorations. I chose the colours, but she decided where they all went. It's something that she seems to love and I love being a part of that with her.

Hubby is the outside decorator. This year however, he has opted not to decorate outside. His choice. Fine with me. In years past, the outside decorations have been his high point of the season. Strings upon strings of gawdy Christmas lights that I have come to believe, if he had his way, if the electricity bill wouldn't be through the roof, he would be one of those who created elaborate displays. If he was more electronically saavy, music would go along with it.

Another favoured Christmas tradition would be the annual Christmas Eve party with the extended family. Hubby's family. Everyone looks forward to it. Lots of drink, lots of food, a Christmas gift exchange. Christmas Day is with my family. I cook. I drink. We eat.

Do you have a favoured holiday tradition?

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