Friday, December 21, 2012

The Writer's Letter to Santa

By Diana Radovan

Dear Santa,

I know I haven’t quite been the good girl I had promised myself to be. I failed at being true to myself and, in doing so, I failed at being true to others. Some have complained I haven’t been showing them my recent writing lately. That’s because there isn’t any. No excuse, I know! But I’d still love it if you brought me tons of white paper and inspiration, just like you did last year, despite me being just a slack-off.
So here’s my to-do list for next year:
  1. I will start all my days with morning pages.
  2. I will work at least ten hours a week on actual stories, poems, and my first novel outline.
  3. I will offer myself at least one writing workshop and one writing retreat.
  4. I will actively search for people who are at a similar level of writing as I am.
  5. I will actively search for people who are better writers than I am and can coach and mentor me.
  6. I will find a publisher.
  7. I will save money for pursuing an MA in Creative Writing.
  8. I promise myself to stick to my to-do list next year.

And I challenge myself to start writing in German. And if I don’t, you can take all my pencils and notebooks away. Amen.

Yours truly,
(You know much too well who I am)

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