Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making Use of a Christmas Gift

This year for Christmas, my hubby got me snowshoes. It's something I only half-heartedly mentioned but I guess it stuck and that's what I got. Of course, now I have to use them.

Last Thursday, my mom and I made use of the new gift and headed out to Bragg Creek to the West Bragg Creek Trails just inside the Texas Gate of Kananaskis. Mom rented shoes while I strapped on the new gift.

And then we headed out not knowing quite what to expect.

I haven't been snowshoeing in years. The trail we took was well marked with little signs. Pretty easy for the first bit. A few minor hills but nothing too strenuous. I supposed the weeks I've spent on the treadmill had something to do with that. However, a little ways in there was a hill. A killer hill.  It took some time and careful consideration to make it up this almost straight up and down incline. (they don't have that incline on any treadmill I've seen). But I made it.

On we went through narrow paths, over fallen trees and protruding stumps.

A couple of kilometres in there was a slight drop. We had to step down off a log, only about a foot. Mom made it no problem. Me on the otherhand, had to consider this drop and figure out the best way to make it down without doing a faceplant in the snow or knocking my teeth out on the log. I took a deep breath and went for it. One foot down. Not so bad. Then Mom says, "Maybe sitting down would be easier." I thought about this then said, "Hey good plan." And this would have been a good plan had I not been wearing snowpants. I sat. I slid. Did a nice little twirly spin on my back, laughing all the way down. But I didn't break anything. Pulled myself up, dusted off the snow and said, "A good idea, in theory."

And we carried on. Over frozen streams and more fallen logs and narrow paths, up longer, gradual inclines.

5.5km in total. We made it in 2.5 hours. Not so bad for a first time out.

My legs were killing me after. I used muscles I didn't even know I had.

Now after 3 days of barely being able to walk, I feel okay except for the stupid cold that has latched on and won't let go.

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  1. That sounds such fun. Unfortunately no need for snow shoes in southern England.


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