Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last night I had this fabulous idea for a blog entry but this morning do you think I can remember what it was?  I should have just done it yesterday when I was thinking about it.  I missed an entry yesterday, the day was just too incredibly busy to get it done.  But that is the way it goes sometimes.

So instead I am left at a loss for an idea to write about.  It's another snowy white Calgary day in October...although we are getting to the point where this is actually normal.  The snow is fallling, thick and wet but it is still warm out so instead of a white blanket on the ground we are left with 2 inches of slush.  Hope your boots are waterproof.

I don't know how long this will last, neither do the weatherpeople.  I understand that it's hard to predict/forcast Calgary weather accurately but our weather people rarely get it right.

Well now I  have something to write about.  HA...My daughter is covered in zinc cream.  I am usually so good at making sure I clean up all her diaper paraphanelia but alas, a few minutes ago I forgot.  So now, she is covered in white cream.  Ok, not right at this exact moment because I was the dutiful mother and cleaned her up before I came to write about it.  Cream on his face, hands, clothes, the floor.  On a good note, when I ran in the room to grab it before she got into anymore, she had put the lid on the container.  What a smart little girl. 

And now she is in the closet.  Do not call Child Protective Services.  No, I do not put her in the closet.  She goes of her own volition.  The jacket and shoe closet mostly.  And pulls out every last shoe in there.  It's a daily game we play.  She pulls them all out, and we put them all back and so it goes, on and on and on.  She has actually found shoes that I wasn't aware I still had.  So is it really a bad thing?  She enjoys it, and it keeps her quiet for awhile.

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