Thursday, October 15, 2009

Try to focus!

I have been creating and deleting blogs of mine for months now. I start to write something, and do it regularly for a couple of days and then just as quickly I forget about it and voila! weeks or even months go by that I don't write a thing. Now is the time for a change. I am going to commit to writing on the wall for as long as I am still alive. (ok, maybe that is a bit much but, nevertheless, I need to commit for a long time and if there is anyone out there that reads this, maybe you can give me a little 'nudge' if I happen to forget for a day or so.

How hard can it be? A few minutes out my day devoted to writing on a wall. Ha, something my parents always frowned on and now I can do it all I want. Sometimes it's fun being an adult.

You will find many different things on this blog. I don't want to focus on any one subject. Just a free for all. I see many out there that are related to child care, or writing, or beer, who cares, there are numerous types of blogs but for me, it's a just that, writing on the wall. Anything that comes to mind. Unedited and uncensored. Ok well probably a little censored but I will try to be real and free, as that is how we should be, as long as you don't cross the lines to illegal, inappropriate or what have you. Free to be me! Maybe that's what I should have called this blog.


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