Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I was thinking last night about how strange it is that time slies by as we get older.  I remember when I was younger, we're talking pre-teens here, how it seemed that finishing high school was soooooooo far away and I couldn't wait for it to happen but my god, it was years and years away.  Then as soon as you finally get there, the time just starts to whiz by. 

Even more noticeable is the growth of my little girl.  It seems like only yesterday that she was the tiny 6lb 1oz bundle but yet that can't be possible as she almost 14 months old, and 25lbs.  She has personality and attitude, oh does she have attitude.  But she is such a treasure.  Although there are days I could just run away and forget about all of this, all the obligations, I really don't want to miss a thing.  Even the screams and temper tantrums all have their place in the growth of this little human.

I have to remember that.

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