Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning, No Sleeping In

Gone are the days of sleeping in late on Saturday mornings. Every since my daughter was born just over a year ago, this once guilty pleasure is a thing of the past. Or so I thought.

6:30am, Julianne screaming for something. Probably food. In the back of my mind I am hoping and praying that she will just find her way back to sleep and let me sleep a little while longer but to no avail. The screaming continues. Does this make me a bad mother to just want to rest at this ungodly hour?
Finally, the guilt overtakes me and I get up just to throw some milk in a bottle and hand it to the demanding toddler. Then I, toddle myself back to bed. Don't worry, I laid awake listening to her gulp down every last drop, careful to listen for signs of choking or anything of that nature.
Once I was sure she was done, and she was nice and quiet, I slowly drifted back to sleep.
10am, she is awake again. This time, although I was still wishing she would sleep, I knew that I couldn't ignore her and got up to begin my day.
This method, although perhaps some would disagree, works very well for me. I need that little extra sleep and she is fully capable, finally, of feeding herself.
Now we sit, I at my laptop, typing away about my morning and her in her high chair, eating up all her toast and grapes. The milk cup and her bowl have now ended up on the floor so I suppose it's time to wrap this up and get her cleaned up.
Oh did I mention that after getting her dressed this morning she got a hold of her toothbrush and decided it was fun to wash it in the toilet? The joys of motherhood continue daily.


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