Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something to Write About

Topics to write about do not come easy.  I mull and mull over what amazing words of wisdom I can share with the world, (or just the few that are actually reading this blog).  Words that might inspire, make you laugh or cry, make you roll your eyes due to the shear idiocy of the topic or my ridiculous opinion on a certain subject.  But it's my opinion so deal with it.
Sometimes I might share a bit of something that went on during the day before or some strange occurance in the world around me, something out of the ordinary or maybe not so out of the ordinary but might have struck me with amusement, shock, or horror...or maybe something that is not so surprising at all and was bound to happen eventually.

Take government offices for example.  Everyone has some kind of beef with a government run service and it was only a matter of time before someone was stressed or pissed off enough to take a stand and have their voice heard.  8 people were held hostage in the Edmonton WCB offices yesterday.  For those that might read that and not know what WCB is, Workers Compensation Board.  A governement run service for employees that get hurt on the job.  It's a good service to have, but like any government service, there are bound to be hiccups somewhere in the system.  The only that really surprises me is how the man with gun even got into the building without being noticed.  I have been to the WCB office in Calgary and you can't even get into the parking lot without first speaking to someone.  The front doors are locked so you have to ring a buzzer before you can be let into the building.  From my understanding, the man had a rifle, so how on earth did he conceal that and gain entrance. 
The system isn't perfect, far from it...but when you're hurt on the job and your employer verifies this information, why is it so hard for some people to get what is rightfully deserved by Canadian law?  I don't know the whole situation and why this man went in there but it always seems that the little people get screwed while the big businesses and government just keep on bending us over and get the picture.
We're in the midst of a recession yet the government will spend millions to help out the big businesses that are struggling because they didn't know how to manage their company and be prepared for times like this, they continued to pay their top executives big money so they neared bankruptcy and yet, those people that are now out of a job due to cutbacks, get a measly, 55% of their wage if they apply for Employment Insurance Benefits.  Even a woman on maternity leave only gets 55% of her wage on Employment Insurance. But wait, now the government has extended the allowable weeks for someone collecting EI because of layoffs.  Woo wee, they sure went above and beyond there.

Well, I guess that will be my government rant for the day, well probably for the year...out of shear need to have something to write about today...

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