Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Frickin' Early

It's Sunday morning again.  The wonderful morning I have to get up early and drive my dear husband to work.  I hate Sundays.  I tend to have late nights due to not being able to sleep so when you fall asleep around 3 in the morning, 6am comes way to bloody soon.  I found myself wishing that last night was the time change instead of next weekend, just so I could still that one extra hour.  Although I am unsure on whether that would have made that much of a difference.  But an hour is an hour.  60 whole extra minutes of rest.

Today is somewhat different though as I actually have to be somewhere else in an hour so I would have had to get up early regardless, but not as early.  On the upside, I will be tired tonight.  I hope.  I pray. 

This blogging thing is kind of catching on for me too.  I am pretty surprised that I have remained committed to writing for as long as I have.  In other ways too.  I have actually been writing other stories again...something I have procrastinated on for some time now.  Even submitted a couple of stories.  So unlike me.  So either the blog is helping or I have just found encouragment and motivation again.  Either way, it feels pretty good.  Even though I am so frickin' tired.


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