Saturday, November 28, 2009

And So It Begins...

The Christmas season is officially upon the van Eck household.  Our patio is decked out with all the Christmas lights, there is so much red it could be called an Amsterdam whore house.  But in all honesty it looks pretty good.  Arie is obsessed with Christmas lights.  Says he only gets excited one time a year.  Sad really if that's the ONLY thing he gets excited about but it is something. 

The Christmas tree and indoor decorations will come next weekend or throughout the week, little by little, bit by bit.  The indoor stuff is my territory even if it sounds like Arie is more into than I am.  I really do like this season, but the thought of all the lights makes our patio and apartment the centre of attention.  Something I am not as keen about.  But it is Christmas and you gotta get into the spirit and so it begins.  Will probably add a few photos at a later date.  Maybe when it's ALL done.

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