Thursday, November 26, 2009


I dreamt last night that someone broke into our apartment while we were sleeping and stole my bathroom cupboards.  I don't just mean the cupboard doors, I mean EVERYTHING.  The sink, the countertops, everything that was underneath including toilet paper and even the separate medicine cabinet and mirror.  What the hell?  Why would anyone want to steal that?  And seriously, how did they manage to do it without anyone waking up?  I am a deep sleeper but not that deep.  It's not like it would just come off the wall with a snap and a pull and a tug.  And to get it out the bathroom door would be another problem.  There is a baby gate in front of it so that surely would have made noise and it wouldn't have fit properly.  I suppose we could have been sedated but there was no evidence of that in the dream.  I went on to phone the landlady to let them know this had been stolen and how I suspected a particular other tenant of having done it.  Really?  What would another tenant want with my bathroom cupboards?  They have the almost exact same one in their own apartment.
As ridiculous as this all sounds, cause it was a dream, I did find some consolation in the fact that they left the toilet.  No toilet paper, but at least I had a toilet.

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