Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Windy in Calgary

Holy toledo!  It's so windy in Calgary today.  Every time a chinook makes it way over the mountains and graces us with some beautiful warm weather, it also brings with it the wind.  Some days are worse than others, like yesterday was nice and warm and there was very little wind, a little but it was livable.  Today however, the wind is gusting, and shrieking through the trees outside and through every tiny crevice it can find.  I was surprised that this didn't bother Julianne because it sure as hell bothers me.  It sounds like ghosts wailing and crying, trying to scare the living bejeezus out of you.
There is this tree right outside our apartment window.  It's a huge tree and looks to be relatively sturdy, but I have my doubts.  Despite it's massive size, it weaves and sways much worse than some of the smaller trees, giving the feeling that at any moment it's going to tumble over, either crashing backwards into the upstairs apartments or taking the tumble forward into my car beneath it.  Not that that would be such a horrible thing.  If it crashed into my car, most certainly it would be a right off, relieving me of the repairs that will inevitably be required before I return the car next year.
But alas, that is just a dream.  Or a nightmare, depending on how one looks at it.  On the negative side, I would be stuck with the inconvenience of no longer having a car, having to make the trek to the car dealership to find another one.  It would cause more hassle than it's really worth, I think. 
But of course I can't control what the wind might do.


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