Sunday, November 29, 2009

I seem to be on a roll keeping up with this blog posting.  At least for this week.  Some days I have no problem finding something to write about but then there are the days, like today, that you may see just a lot of rambling about nothing in particular.  It's Sunday. Supposed to be the day of rest but here I am up at 6am as is the norm for Sunday mornings and tired beyong belief.  Everything in me tells me to go back to bed, Julianne did, but there is so much that needs to get done and if I go back to sleep I know I will sleep longer than planned and then the day will feel wasted.  So instead, I sit here in front of the computer, talking about nothing in particular, just waiting to do the laundry.  Being in an apartment, they frown on doing laundry before 8am any day of the week.  Something about showing respect for the other tenants in the building.  And if I don't get in there right at 8am there is a chance that someone will get there ahead of me and then I have to wait even longer to get that part done and that will annoy me all to hell.  When I am ready to do something, I hate for anything to get in the way of it.  Don't mess with my personal schedule.  Ha. 


Not that you would actually know it but I was gone for approximately 5 minutes, putting the laundry in and getting the next load ready.  Not bad timing if I do say so myself.  Only 25 minutes to wait and then another trip upstairs. 

Not too sure what the rest of my day consists of.  I have some ideas, a list of things that ought to get done, but whether they actually will or not is a completely different story.

Well, I think this was a pretty boring post but at least it's something.  Maybe something of interest later today or tomorrow.

Happy Grey Cup Sunday!!!  (I hate football.)  But if I had to choose, Go Roughriders!

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