Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I was inspired by a dear friend to freshen up my blog page.  As you might notice it's now pink.  Much more suitable for me.  I like pink and honestly if I had seen that template before I probably would have snatched it right up to begin with.  But change is good from time to time.  The format is still pretty much the same although some features are now on the other side of the page and of course the colour scheme is different. 

Julianne has learned to spin in circles and walk backwards.  No not at the same time.  I don't think I could even do that and I have no desire to find out.  She makes me dizzy just watching her.  She spins, falls and laughs so hard, it's so cute.  And the walking backwards, well that's just like it sounds.  She is learning how to walk backwards and doing pretty good at it.  It hadn't even occured to me when she started walking that she would also need to learn to do that.  I figured, ok, she can walk now, not much else to wait for in anticipation.  But alas, she has proved me wrong and shown me that there are still many, many things she has to learn. 

She has the attitude down pretty good.  When she doesn't get what she wants or something is taken  away from her that she shouldn't have, she sceams, borderline temper tantrum without the kicking and punching the floor, although she has taken to hitting her head against the wall when she is angry, or the table.  Then she hurts herself cause she head butts it too hard and then she starts crying harder cause now her head hurts.  Yes she has A LOT to learn.  She does like to share though.  Her food, her drinks, fuzzies on the floor, whatever she finds, she tries to give it away.  It's cute and when you tell her you don't want it, it's hers, she takes it, no worries and goes about her business.  She definitely understands more than we give her credit for.  Ask if she wants a bath she runs squealing to the bathroom, ask her if she wants to go for a car ride she runs to the couch waiting for shoes and socks, then after shoes and socks are in place, she runs for the front door and waits for us to leave.  Ask her if it's time for bed or needs a diaper change, often she will run to her bedroom, although she actually hides in the closet once in there, it's close enough.  Ask her if she's hungry or thirsty, straight to the kitchen she goes.  She even tries to open the fridge but hasn't quite mastered that yet. Ask her for a certain toy and she will go get it.
She is definitely a smart cookie.

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