Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Books to Review

Along with the rest North America, I am drowning in Christmas. But it's given me time to think about how I might make some changes in 2012. And because I was thinking about it, I decided to write a blog post. A little escape from the excessive energy of one recently potty-trained 3 year old.

It's not a resolution per se. But a committment. To read at least one book every month and write a review.

But now, it seems, my pile of books to review is dwindling. So I am reaching out to anyone with books soon to be released, or just released, self-published or trade published, paperback or e-book.

Now, I say my pile is dwindling, but I do still have a few to get through. But send me your stuff. I would love to have at least 12 new books for review to remain committed to my "one a month promise".

The review will be posted one of two places. Right here at Writing on the Wall, or on Suite

I know there are lots of self-published writers out there looking for publicity. And I love to read. And write. How can you go wrong?

So, check out the specifics for book reviews in the side bar to the left of this post. I won't promise I will like your book, I won't promise to write you a stellar review. But I will promise you, no matter what, it will be fair.

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