Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Prayer

by Shelly Deuchar

We've always asked for things for Christmas that we've never received. Who's fault is it? Have we been asking the wrong person all along?

Dear Santa,

Remember me?

Well, probably not.  I probably haven't been on your "good girl" list for a million years now. 

I'm sorry I always eat the cookies.

Every year I've asked for:

~World Peace (I swear this has always been first on the list),

~A beautiful singing voice (So far Canadian Idol judges would still cringe),

~A slim, trim, fit body (I don't see why I have to actually put my effort into it),

~A winning lottery ticket (Again, I don't see why I have to actually buy a ticket),

~My Soulmate (You sent me a disaster in the form of a human being.  *Sigh*.  I guess I should have been more specific on the details?),


Oh wait...maybe I've been asking God.


Yours truly,

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  1. Funny, I've also asked for all those things.


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