Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best Christmas Gift Ev-ah

Just when I thought she would be in diapers until she was 21, my child decided it was time. Time to discard the diapers for regular panties and...wait for it...actually do her business in the potty.

Really, I thought this day would never come and quite honestly, I was just entering the acceptance faze. When voila.

I can safely say, I have not had to change in a diaper in 3 days. It's heaven.

Maybe it's because Grandma is coming in a few days to spend the holidays, maybe it was my constant begging and pleading with her. Or maybe, and it loathes me to even consider this...but maybe, she just wanted to do it on her own time and the time was now. Who am I to complain? Except I like control. Too much. And when I don't get my way, well, no I don't kick and scream like she does, but I go into my special place and quietly sulk. Wonder why and how the world could do me so much wrong.

People have told me time and again, "She'll do it when she's ready. Don't worry she won't go to school in diapers." I desperately wanted to believe them. I desperately wanted to make it happen faster. ON MY TERMS!

But that's just not how it works. And now that she is going regularly, it feels as if it is just the way it was supposed to be.

And you know what? It is!

Now if only I could figure how to get her to keep her clothes on.

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