Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Magic of the Holidays

Santa's warming up his sleigh and exercising the reindeers. All in preparation for tonights extensive and speedy journey. I hear Rudolph has a bit of a cold so his nose is especially shiny tonight. So if you find dirty tissues in the morning, it wasn't Grandma leaving her snotty rags inside the chair cushions. It was just because Santa's sleigh has no room and he needed to find someplace to stash them.

Anyway, tonight is the night little kiddies. So go to bed early. No fight, no fuss, for tomorrow the magic begins. The magic of family.

Eat lots, enjoy the true spirit of the holidays. Treasure it more than that new Barbie house or that video game you've been longing for because what you're going to remember ten or twenty years from now is not what gift you got, but the togetherness.

The food.

The holiday squabbles with Uncle Mortimer and Cousin Timmy, the one with the black mohawk and the bone through his nose.

The love.

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