Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Child woke obscenely early this morning. Apparently a nightmare or something. Woke up screaming and then wouldn't go back to sleep. Too early for me. I plopped her in front of the TV and tried to grab a few more hours of sleep. To little avail. Got a few zzz's here and there but she kept needing something. So of course, it wasn't what I would have liked. My fault I suppose for staying up way too late reading.

So now, coffee in hand, today I'm making an effort to get back to normal. It's not going so well. In my heart I want to write, but my body is telling me otherwise. Telling me, lay down, get some more sleep. But that's not happening either so I am up and now I am writing this post and wondering what the rest of the day will bring.

Would be great to be able to predict the future.

I have a couple of reviews to start working on in my effort to post at least one book review a week. There is plenty of the actual paying work to do. Getting ready for the new year and new writing programs. Also wouldn't be a bad idea to start working on my intro creative writing course I am hopefully teaching starting the end of January. Still time. But we all now how time can get away from us. Before I know it, the course will be upon me and I will have nothing done and I will stress.

That should probably be a New Year resolution. To not stress so much about little things. To be more organized and get more accomplished. We'll see.

Only a few days of 2011 left. How will I make the best of the remainder of the year?

Tell you what I am going to do. I am going to end this post and go work on an important part of my novel that is stewing around in my head. Better to get it done and on the page before it's gone.

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