Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Hair Day?

You ever wake in the morning, toddle off to the bathroom, happen to glance in the mirror on the way...and stop...OMG, my hair looks pretty good?  If only it could look this hot and sexy every morning.  Not quite the sex hair look and totally not bed head, but it actually falls just the right way, hangs over your eyes in just the right places, has just the right wave to it.  Of course you would not dare leave the house like this, but for a few minutes you pause and admire.  Maybe you're just admiring how great you look, puffy, red eyes and all.  Maybe you are trying to memorize the exact way the do is laying so that one day you can try to recreate it.  Not that you have anywhere to wear that kind of do but a girl can dream as she stands in front of the mirror with her sexy hair, wearing nothing but...shit what am I wearing? 

Tank top and underwear.  Boobs sagging. 

Wow...that is hot.  No, sadly pathetic.  The tired mom and wife that you are begins to resurface.


Now you turn from the mirror for all you can see are the rolls of extra skin on the rest of your body, the cellulite and flab and every stretch mark...and the dream is gone.

Poof!  Just like that.


  1. Such is my daily routine and my aspiration to aquire a funhouse mirror to make me appear tall and thin.

  2. Mirrors are bad for your soul. Just saying. Hehe.

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by my corner of blogdom!
    Bad Hair/Good Hair day... I actually tried to get away with this very thing just the other day. It lasted til about 10am then it just fell. Looked like I was wearing a pelt on my head-- an ill-fitting pelt at that.
    So into the shower I went. Got downstairs in time for one the kids to ask what was wrong with my hair? WTF I just washed, dried and gelled it... guess there's no pleasing some people.
    Today I just washed it and let it go. Why bother when the only people seeing it are under the age of 15 and think I am OLD anyway?
    Oh- and there are no full length mirrors in my house. Let's me imagine what the rest of me looks like... and I have a good imagination!

  4. OMG..I totally do the "just got out of bed hair" thing a lot...honestly, on the weekends when I don't want to shower I usually just rock the crazy everywhere ponytail that I woke up with...or I let the curls just do their own magic without touching a thing..yep lazy!


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