Sunday, January 3, 2010

Didn't I Tell You NOT To Do That?

Why don't they listen?  We know better than they do, we have more experience and afterall we only want what's best for our children and we do know what's best.  Ha!  Don't they understand that running around with a knife is not a good idea, opening and touching a hot over rack, not recommended?  Using mommy's stool to reach the cupcakes on the counter after I said no.  Don't play with the christmas tree decorations.
 That one I don't get.  She was so good over the holidays, hardly touched the tree, just oooohhhed and aaahhhhed over the lights.  When she did touch the tree and we told her no, she stopped, it was no big deal.  Now no matter how hard we try it's not working.  She is into the tree every chance she gets and it doesn't end until we physically remove her from the tree.  My solution?  Take down the damn tree.  Seems simple doesn't it.  Well NO!

Apparently we are not allowed to take down the tree until January 6.  It's a "dutch" tradition.  Come on.  How many times have I said, you are not in Holland anymore honey.  We do things different here.  Ok, I admit, not that much different and it't not really fair to take from him a regular tradition.  He needs to have something to hold on to.  I don't know the significance of the 6th or if it's even real, maybe he just said that and I am falling for it.  I dunno.  However, I don't want to mess with it, just in case.  I did actually start taking down some decorations, just didn't touch the tree.  I am leaving that up to my daughter.  HAHA

At 16 months, I think Julianne has it all figured out.  Or she thinks she does.  I know she understands more than we really realize and she knows when she's not supposed to do something but yet she does it anyway.  Is this God's way of punishing me for all the things I put my parents through?  Hardly seems fair. 

Isn't there an old saying?  Forgive and forget. 

Naw, I think he's gone with the old adage, Payback is a bitch. 

Really I don't think I was THAT bad of child to deserve this?  Was I?  Mom says I was not too bad, Dad says I was horrible.  I think Dad's kidding though because that's the way he is.  Well, nothing we can do about it right?  She is her own little person and what will be will be. 

All I can say is, thank god she has slept through the night since practically first born.


  1. Only 3 more days.....Why don't you just take off the bottom half of decorations. Might look funny but could work, as long as she doesn't try to climb the tree

  2. My son fails to listen ever.

    "Cleaning is boooooring"

    or whatever other excuses his mystical mind comes up with for whyever he hasn't done what he's told.

    "I don't like eating"

    I retort usually that I don't like him, and I can easily get rid of him and he'll be alone in the world, motherless and weeping...

    The authorities will likely be here soon to take me away. At least then I'll get a break...maybe.

    And I hear they make my bed...

  3. I think children on put on this earth to drive their parents crazy.

    My daughter has this new laptop is on the kitchen table and she wants at it really bad, so let's get into something else so Mommy has to get up to stop me and I can run for the empty chair. She's been doing this for about a week now and you would think I would clue in by now, but always, in my hurry to get her away from whatever she is into, (usually the dishwasher and sharp knives)I forget to push in the chair and as soon as I am up, she is racing for the chair. If this is not the "terrible twos" early, then I am doomed when she turns two.
    Thanks for the warning of what is yet to come in the next few years. :)


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