Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Stupidity of Humans

Ok, I just had to post this because I can't stop being amazed by the complete stupidity of some people.  There is this couple that live in the building across from me.  They are a young couple, probably in their early 20's.  As most young adults they are probably ecstatic that they even own a vehicle of their own but when vehicles break down or something goes wrong, the general consensus is to have it fixed right?  Well not these two.  They own an older model Ford Explorer and the SUV doesn't go in reverse.  So each morning (or whenever they have to go somewhere) they have to push it out of their parking stall.  Wouldn't seem so bad except that we have a good accumulation of snow at the moment so pushing a vehicle is not easy.  Just a few minutes ago I watched, trying not to laugh, at 4 people trying to push this truck out of their parking stall.  They couldn't do it so another neighbour came to help and finally they got it out a bit.  Still not really enough room to be able to go forward.  But as luck would have it, one of the people helping them just had to move their own vehicle so that the truck could easily be driven forward and out.

The real kicker here is that this kid works for a car dealership.  Surely he could get someone there to fix his truck for a reasonable price.  Good grief!  The trouble some people put themselves through just to save a little money.

I wanted to take a picture to post but thought it would be kind of rude to do so while they were struggling so much.  What is that saying...one man's grief is another man's joy...or something like that?  So I have to be content with just telling you about it.

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  1. I hate dumb people. I deal with them daily. Glad someone else agrees with me


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